Cohort 7 – Seminar 6

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Materials From Notebook

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Participant Schedule Seminar
MTEI’s Principles of Professional Development in Jewish Settings
Home Groups Seminar 6
Small Group Descriptions
MTEI Cohort Roster

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Simon – Protocol for Examining Children’s Work
1-Page Overview for MTEI
Anafim Yosef Process Essay
Holtz and Holzer-Talmud and Maaseh-Talmud Text
Holtz and Holzer-Talmud and Maasseh-Worksheet


Learning Session Steps and Templates
Home Group Sharing of Assignment
Probing Questions Guide
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GLA Workshop Overview
Lewis – Slides Planning Reflecting Observing Instruction
Ball Cohen – Developing Practice
David Cohen – Human Improvement
Quotes About Learning
On Leaving the Beit Midrash Berakhot 17a Sefaria Source Sheet
Debbie Friedman Song – Siyyum


Sfat Emet
Sfat Emet – Vaera
Rabbi Nehunyah’s Prayer
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Small Group Handouts

Curriculum Investigation – Tower of Babel – Torah Text
Curriculum Investigation – Tower of Babel – A Child’s Bible
Curriculum Investigation – Tower of Babel-Torah Aura
Curriculum Investigation – Worksheet

Hard Conversations – Simon – Plan for Entering Conversations

Havruta Text Study – Interpetive Practices
Havruta Text Study – The Design of Havruta Text Study

Lesson Study – Principals

Looking at Student Work – Blythe-Allen-and-Powell
Looking at Student Work – Artifacts

Mentoring – Mentors in the Making – Ch4
Mentoring – Transcript of Mentoring Video Numbered
Mentoring – Video Case 1 – Mentoring Stances Worksheet-TLP

Planning PD for a Year – Workshop on Planning PD
Planning PD for a Year – Planning Guide Form
Planning PD for a Year – Single PD Session Planning Guide
Planning PD for a Year – Brainstormed Ideas about Finding Time and Resources

Relational Learning Communities – Raider-Roth
Relational Learning Communities – Building RL Communities

Video Investigation – Framework for Facilitation of Teacher Analysis
Video Investigation – Video as a Tool for Teachers PD[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


The Story of MTEI – prepublication version