Cohort 7 – Seminar 1

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Materials From Notebook

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Rabbi Nehunyah’s Prayer

Rabbi Nehunyah’s Prayer – Havruta Learning Guide

Final Word Protocols


Holzer – Flexible Horizons -Text Study

Holzer – Flexible Horizons -Journal Writing

The Careful Work of Observation – Description Worksheet

Paley Article – On Listening to What the Children Say

On Listening to What the Children Say – Discussion Questions

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Holzer – Kol Hamelamed Texts

Holzer – Rabbinic Reflections

Perkins Article – Teaching for Understanding


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PowerPoints & Handouts


Pekarsky – Questions Based on Philip Roth Story

Raider-Roth – The Careful Work of Observing and Describing

Prompts for Monday Night GLU Experience

Suggestions for Final Word Protocol Prompts

SFN.Learning with Understanding-Teaching for Understanding

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Additional Readings


Carini – Meditation on Description

Holzer – What Connects “Good” Teaching, Text Study, and Hevruta Learning?

Jackson – Mimetic vs. Transformative

Roth – Conversion of the Jews

Scudder – The Student, the Fish, and Agassiz

Web Links from Seminar One

Holzer – Rabbis on Transformations in Teaching

Holzer – Havruta Book – Chapter Five

Cohen-Dorothy-Learning to Observe-Observing to Learn[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]