To Learn and To Teach

The MTEI program for graduates creates a collaborative setting in which graduates are supported in their leadership roles by continuing to learn, share, investigate, and serve as critical colleagues both synchronously and asynchronously.

Via interactive online learning opportunities and face-to-face conferences, graduates continue to build both their Jewish and educational subject matter knowledge and pedagogical expertise. In small, interest-based action groups, graduates enter into extended discourse on the application and implementation of these ideas and practices in their respective contexts.

By engaging in ongoing text study and professional development, graduates strengthen their leadership capacity and serve as role models for our teachers, students and families.

MTEI Graduates

“Exceptional leaders, inspired by powerful ideas, are key to improving society and the lives of people around the world.”

Mort Mandel

Chairman of the Mandel Foundation

“My learning has transformed the way I do professional development with teachers. It has changed our staff culture, my leadership style, and the way I think about questions of learning. It’s made our school into a collaborative laboratory of learning.”


Director of Education, Cohort 6

MTEI Graduates can access resources and materials and participate in ongoing conversations by joining our online learning community hosted on Edmodo.

For questions and to join the MTEI Graduate Edmodo Group, please contact Mindy Gold, MTEI Network Weaver, at